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Built to Last.

We practice Agile and test driven development in the majority of our projects to ensure the least bugs and the best user experience possible.

We specialise in creating, repairing and maintaining highly functional web applications and websites for our clients with various modern technologies, open-source tools, languages and frameworks such as Ruby On Rails (Ruby), Laravel (PHP) and React (Javascript) for web applications to simple yet effective Wordpress sites for the less intensive requirements.

We also have experience building, designing and deploying native and cross-platform applications to various App Stores such as Google Play and Apple, supporting iPad, Mac Desktops, iPhone and multiple Android devices.

  • Web Applications
  • API Integration and Creation
  • Testing (Code, Usability)
  • Front-end dev (HTML5, SASS/CSS3, Gulp/Webpack)
  • Content Management Systems
  • Technical Consultation